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    How to Use Sora Prediction (& Early Access Tips!)

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    How to Use Sora Prediction (& Early Access Tips!)

    As you may be aware, the OpenAI Sora AI video generator was recently announced, boasting mind-blowing capabilities. This article will guide you through what you can expect from the Sora interface, how to access Sora early, the differences between using Sora for free versus the paid Sora Plus subscription, and insights on making money with Sora.

    Currently, Sora is only accessible to experts, artists, and filmmakers for testing and adjustments before its public release. The interface is expected to be user-friendly, allowing users to input text or image prompts, select a style for video generation, choose aspect ratios, and then create the video output.


    • Sora AI video generator
    • Early access tips
    • Free vs paid subscription
    • Making money with Sora


    1. When will Sora be available to the public?
    2. Is Sora a free tool or a paid service?
    3. How can one increase their chances of getting early access to Sora?
    4. What are the methods of making money with Sora-generated videos?
    5. Will Sora have different subscription tiers, and what benefits will they offer?

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