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    How to Write an Explainer Video Script

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    How to Write an Explainer Video Script

    A strong video script matters a great deal when it comes to creating an explainer video. An explainer video script can make or break the overall impact of the video. Explainer videos are typically short, limited to around 90 seconds, and emphasize simplicity. The key goal of an explainer video is to answer the questions of how, what, and why in a concise and engaging manner.

    Consider all the common inquiries about your product that you receive daily through various communication channels like email, phone calls, or social media. Incorporating light background music can add dynamism to your explainer video and enhance the overall viewing experience. Knowing what the voice-over will discuss allows for a better alignment between the audio and visual elements of the video.

    To structure your script effectively, follow these simple tips:

    1. Define the video's objective or purpose.
    2. Present a problem and the solution your product offers.
    3. Outline the narrative in five to six sentences.
    4. Draft the script, make necessary edits, and eliminate filler words.
    5. Substitute complex words with simpler alternatives for better comprehension.
    6. Infuse emotional elements like humor or surprise to engage viewers.
    7. Opt for a show-don't-tell approach to storytelling.
    8. Avoid using clichéd cartoon narrations to maintain authenticity.

    Explore more examples of expertly crafted explainer videos in our portfolio to witness the capabilities of our team at Explai.


    explainer video, scriptwriting, storytelling, simplicity, emotion, engagement


    1. Why is simplicity important when crafting an explainer video script?
    2. How can emotional elements like humor enhance the viewer's experience?
    3. What should one avoid when writing a script for an explainer video?
    4. Where can I find examples of high-quality explainer videos for reference?
    5. What is the ideal length for an explainer video script?

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