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    How to adjust the brightness on a Chromebook's Backlit keyboard

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    How to Adjust the Brightness on a Chromebook's Backlit Keyboard

    If your Chromebook has a backlit keyboard, there is a little-known method that will allow you to adjust its brightness. Not only can this make your keyboard less distracting to use, but it could also help your Chromebook's battery life. While there are keys to adjust the screen brightness on a Chromebook, there are no dedicated keys for adjusting the keyboard's backlight. However, by using the Alt key in conjunction with the screen brightness keys, you can dim or brighten the backlight on your keyboard. This script explains how to adjust the brightness of your Chromebook's backlit keyboard and how the heads-up display on your screen will reflect these changes.


    Chromebook, backlit keyboard, brightness adjustment, Alt key, screen brightness keys, keyboard backlight


    • Can I adjust the brightness of my Chromebook's backlit keyboard without using the Alt key?
    • Will adjusting the brightness of the keyboard backlight impact the battery life of my Chromebook?
    • Are there any specific Chromebook models that do not support adjusting the brightness of the backlit keyboard using this method?

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