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    How to automatically upload on Tiktok using python bot

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    How to automatically upload on Tiktok using python bot

    In this article, we will discuss how to automatically upload videos on Tiktok using a Python bot. The bot will utilize Selenium and WebDriver to log in to your Tiktok account, upload videos, add captions, and tags. Please follow the steps outlined below to set up and run the bot successfully.

    To begin, download the code from the GitHub repository provided by the creator. Install Python 3.8 and the necessary requirements by running pip install requirements.txt in the command line. After setting up the environment, paste the path of the video you want to upload into the script and save it.

    Next, run the Python script by executing python in the terminal. The bot will open a browser, navigate to the Tiktok website, and prompt you to manually log in due to human verification restrictions. Once logged in, the bot will automatically upload the video, add the specified caption and tags, and post it. You can repeat this process to upload multiple videos automatically.

    Remember to use the bot responsibly to avoid any issues with Tiktok's policies. Utilize it to grow your account authentically and engage with your audience.


    • Tiktok automation
    • Python bot
    • Selenium
    • WebDriver
    • Video uploading


    • Can the bot bypass human verification on Tiktok?
      • No, you will need to manually log in due to Tiktok's human verification requirements.
    • Is it safe to use a Python bot for Tiktok automation?
      • Use the bot responsibly and follow Tiktok's guidelines to avoid any potential bans or issues.
    • Can I customize the captions and tags for each video upload?
      • Yes, you can modify the captions and tags in the script to personalize each video upload.

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