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    How to convert a YouTube video to TikTok format in FilmoraGo | Mobile Editing Tutorial

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    How to Convert a YouTube Video to TikTok Format in FilmoraGo | Mobile Editing Tutorial

    Are you looking to convert a video created for YouTube to a format suitable for TikTok on your mobile device? Wondershare FilmoraGo can help you achieve this seamlessly. Follow the steps below to learn how to convert your YouTube video to TikTok format using FilmoraGo on your phone.

    1. Open the FilmoraGo app and start a new project.
    2. Import the video you want to convert for TikTok.
    3. Change the aspect ratio of the project to 9:16 by accessing the canvas option and selecting the appropriate format.
    4. Depending on your preference, you can add a background to the video or resize it to fit the TikTok aspect ratio.
    5. To add a background, choose between a blur background, solid color background, or any image/video from your album.
    6. To resize the video, adjust the size and position by adding keyframes at the start of the video.
    7. Preview your video and make any necessary adjustments before exporting it.

    Now, with these simple steps, you can easily convert your YouTube video to the TikTok format using FilmoraGo, allowing you to share your content seamlessly across different platforms.

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    1. Can I convert a YouTube video to TikTok format directly on my phone using FilmoraGo? Yes, you can easily convert a YouTube video to TikTok format on your phone by following the steps outlined in the tutorial above using the FilmoraGo app.
    2. Do I need any prior video editing experience to convert videos for TikTok using FilmoraGo? No, FilmoraGo is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for beginners to convert and edit videos for TikTok without any prior experience.
    3. Can I customize the background of my video when converting it for TikTok in FilmoraGo? Yes, FilmoraGo allows you to add a variety of backgrounds, including blur backgrounds, solid color backgrounds, or images/videos from your album, giving you the flexibility to customize your video for TikTok.

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