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    How to create Facebook Story Ad for Cycling Event | Facebook Video Maker

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    How to create Facebook Story Ad for Cycling Event | Facebook Video Maker

    In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to create a compelling Facebook story ad for a cycling event using the Facebook video maker tool. With the power of video-making, you can motivate viewers to participate in a cyclothon. Follow the steps below to create your engaging ad:

    1. Login and select Facebook Video Maker: Log in to your Facebook account and choose the Facebook video maker tool.

    2. Select Script and Live Video: Pick the option for a script to live video and choose a horizontal dimension for your video.

    3. Edit Script and Choose Keywords: Edit your script to align with your message, select relevant keywords for your video.

    4. Choose Theme and Scenes: Pick a suitable theme for your ad and select scenes that fit your narrative.

    5. Adjust Layout and Scale: Use the layout option to fit your text in the video, adjust the scale to fit the video in frame, and trim the video if needed.

    6. Add Audio: Select a suitable audio track to complement your video.

    7. Finalize and Publish: Once you have completed editing, your video is ready to motivate viewers to participate in the cycling event.

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    1. Can I customize the themes and scenes in the Facebook Video Maker tool?

      • Yes, you can choose from a variety of themes and scenes to personalize your ad and align it with the messaging of your cycling event.
    2. Is it necessary to select a specific dimension for the video in the Facebook Video Maker?

      • Selecting the horizontal dimension is recommended for creating a Facebook story ad as it optimizes the video for viewing on social media platforms.
    3. Can I preview the video before finalizing it in the Facebook Video Maker tool?

      • Yes, you can preview the video and make any necessary adjustments before publishing it to ensure it aligns with your vision for the cycling event ad.

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