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    How to create Product Tutorial Videos using AI Voices

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    How to create Product Tutorial Videos using AI Voices

    To create a product tutorial video using AI voices, you can follow these steps:

    1. Activate the QuickTime screen recorder by pressing Command + Shift + 5 on your Mac OS. Set the recorder to fit the window with a 16x9 ratio for optimal recording.

    2. Record short snippets of each step to make the editing process easier. Ensure the steps are concise and easy to follow.

    3. Create an account on and click on 'New File'. Enter the file name, select video, and hit create.

    4. Customize the video settings by adjusting the size and disabling subtitles. Choose a voice from over 900 options and upload the recorded steps.

    5. Add script explanations to control the section duration and sync steps with the voiceover. Preview the video before adding background music.

    6. Once satisfied with the preview, export the video to process and download. You will receive an email when your video is ready for download.

    7. Easily translate the video into over 75 languages in just a few seconds. Update specific steps or scripts without re-recording the entire process with fleeky.


    Product tutorial video, AI voices, QuickTime screen recorder,, script explanations, background music, video translation.


    1. Can I use a different screen recording tool other than QuickTime on Mac OS?
    2. How many voices can be chosen from on for creating tutorial videos?
    3. Is it possible to update specific steps or scripts without re-recording the entire video using fleeky?

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