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    How to create product videos with Fliki - Product to Video

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    How to create product videos with Fliki - Product to Video

    If you're looking to create engaging product videos, Fliki offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process. Follow these step-by-step instructions to bring your product to life through a dynamic video presentation.

    1. Log in or Sign Up: Start by logging into your Fliki account or signing up if you're a new user.

    2. Select Files: Click on the "Select Files" option from the top panel, then click on the "New File" button.

    3. Set Preferences: Choose the language and dialect, write the file's name, select your desired aspect ratio, and under "Start With," select "Product."

    4. Submit Details: Paste the link to your product page, select the length of the video, and hit "Submit."

    5. Customize Your Video: Fliki will create the video based on your product page. You can preview the video by clicking on the play icon. Click on the scene to expand and customize it by selecting different voice filters, adding text, pictures, avatars, and audio layers.

    6. Enhance Scenes: Click on the media icon, select "My Library," and choose files to upload product photos. You can further enhance your scenes with various elements.

    7. Add Background Music: In the background audio layer, upload your background music. You can control the volume and speed of the audio.

    8. Download Your Video: Once you're satisfied with the video, click "Download" and then "Start Export" to download your video in MP4 format.

    This walkthrough provides a comprehensive guide to leveraging Fliki's features to create compelling product videos.


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    1. Can I customize the voices in my product video on Fliki?
    2. Is it possible to upload my own background music for the videos?
    3. How can I add multimedia elements like text and pictures to enhance the video presentation?
    4. What file formats are supported for uploading product photos in Fliki?
    5. Is there a limit to the length of the product videos I can create using Fliki?

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