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    How to do a TIKTOK Color Picking Trick in PROCREATE #Shorts

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    How to do a TIKTOK Color Picking Trick in PROCREATE #Shorts

    Have you ever wondered how people create those mesmerizing color picking tricks on TikTok videos? It's actually quite simple to achieve with the right tools and techniques. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to create a unique color picking effect using Procreate.

    To begin, open Procreate and follow these steps:

    1. Start by selecting the magic wand tool and choose "Noise" to add some texture to the canvas. Increase the Noise level to around 100.

    2. Next, select "Glitch" to create a glitch effect. Set the Glitch level to 100% and choose "Diverge". Adjust the Redshift, Greenshift, Blueshift sliders, and set the Zoom to 0%.

    3. Now, go back to the magic wand tool and select "Liquify". Set it to "Expand" with maximum pressure, no distortion, and momentum. You can adjust the size as needed.

    4. Tap your pen on the screen and hold it there until the colors blend into a new shade. Voila! You have successfully created a unique color picking trick.

    Enjoy experimenting with this technique and have fun creating stunning visual effects for your TikTok videos!

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    1. Can this color picking trick be used for other creative projects besides TikTok videos?
    • Absolutely! This technique can be applied to various digital art projects, animations, and visual creations to add a unique touch and enhance the overall aesthetic.
    1. Are there any specific settings in Procreate that need to be adjusted for this color picking trick?
    • The key settings to focus on are Noise, Glitch, and Liquify tools within Procreate. By following the steps outlined in the tutorial and adjusting the parameters as suggested, you can achieve the desired color picking effect.
    1. Is prior experience with Procreate required to execute this color picking trick?
    • While some familiarity with Procreate may be helpful, the instructions provided in the tutorial are clear and concise, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users to try out and master this color picking technique.

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