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    How to edit VIRAL Shorts with AI in 2 MINUTES for a Faceless YouTube Channel

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    How to edit VIRAL Shorts with AI in 2 MINUTES for a Faceless YouTube Channel

    Are you looking to create viral YouTube shorts with the help of AI? In this article, we will show you a method to edit YouTube shorts with subtitles, b-roll footage, music transitions, and emojis in just two minutes. By following this method, you'll be able to create high-quality shorts that will keep your viewers engaged and help you earn serious money. Read on to learn how to master the art of editing viral YouTube shorts!

    Step 1: Editing YouTube Shorts with AI

    The first step is to use the AI-powered tool Pick 3 to edit your YouTube shorts. Pick 3 makes it easy to get started with its "edit videos using text" feature. Simply copy and paste the link of the video you want to edit into Pick 3.

    Once the video is uploaded and transcribed, you can start editing. Change the aspect ratio to a portrait mode for shorts and remove any silences longer than one second to maintain a fast-paced feel. Then, manually select the parts of the video you want to use for your shorts. Add these selected parts to the highlights section of the video.

    Next, it's time to add b-roll footage to enhance your shorts. Pick 3 allows you to search for specific footage based on keywords related to the content you're editing. You can also add transitions between scenes to make your shorts more dynamic.

    To make your shorts more visually appealing, customize the subtitles. Position them in the center, choose an attention-grabbing font, and make them easily legible. You can also add an animation to the text to make it more engaging.

    Finally, search for a copyright-free soundtrack to overlay on your shorts. Pick 3 offers a vast library of songs to choose from. Find a track that complements your content and adjust the volume as desired.

    Preview your edited shorts to ensure everything meets your expectations. Once you're satisfied, click on the download button and the video will be ready in just a minute or so. You now have an edited viral YouTube short ready to share with your audience.

    Step 2: Summary of the Editing Process - Keywords: YouTube shorts, AI editing, subtitles, b-roll footage, music transitions, emojis

    To summarize the editing process, these are the key elements we discussed to create viral YouTube shorts using AI:

    1. YouTube shorts: Utilize Pick 3's "edit videos using text" feature to edit your shorts.
    2. AI editing: Let Pick 3 transcribe the video and use the transcribed text to edit the video.
    3. Subtitles: Customize the subtitles' position, font, color, and animation to make them visually appealing and easily readable.
    4. B-roll footage: Add relevant b-roll footage to enhance your shorts and make them more engaging.
    5. Music transitions: Overlay a copyright-free soundtrack to add depth and dynamics to your shorts.
    6. Emojis: Use emojis, stickers, and GIFs to further enhance the visual elements of your shorts.

    By implementing these editing techniques, you can create high-quality YouTube shorts that are ready to captivate your viewers and drive engagement.

    Step 3: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - FAQ

    Q1: Can I edit YouTube shorts directly within Pick 3 without using a separate program? A: Yes, Pick 3 offers an all-in-one platform where you can both edit and download your YouTube shorts without the need for external software.

    Q2: Are there any limitations to the length and number of shorts I can create using Pick 3? A: The maximum length of shorts you can create depends on your subscription plan. With the premium plan, you can edit and download up to three-hour-long videos, which allows you to create a significant number of shorts from a single podcast or interview.

    Q3: Are the b-roll footage, music, and emojis provided by Pick 3 copyright-free? A: Yes, Pick 3 offers a wide selection of copyright-free resources, including b-roll footage, music tracks, and emojis/stickers/GIFs. This ensures that you can use them without worrying about copyright infringement.

    Q4: How can I ensure that my YouTube shorts have a unique identity, especially in the face of other faceless channels? A: In addition to the editing techniques discussed, you can add your logo or channel name using Pick 3's branding features. This helps differentiate your shorts and makes it harder for others to copy and paste your content as their own.

    Q5: Do I need any prior editing experience to use Pick 3 and create viral YouTube shorts? A: Pick 3 is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, even for beginners. You don't need extensive editing experience to utilize its features and create engaging YouTube shorts.

    These FAQs address some of the common queries you may have regarding the editing process and the use of Pick 3 for creating viral YouTube shorts. Feel free to explore and experiment with these techniques to carve your own path as a successful faceless YouTube shorts channel.

    In conclusion, editing viral YouTube shorts with AI has never been easier. With the help of Pick 3's powerful features, you can quickly create high-quality shorts that captivate your audience and help you carve out a successful faceless YouTube channel. So, start exploring the possibilities and let your creativity shine through your shorts!

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