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    How to go VIRAL on Instagram & TikTok

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    How to go VIRAL on Instagram & TikTok

    If you've struggled to increase views on your Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, there are specific strategies you can implement to boost engagement and attract a wider audience. Understanding the social media algorithm is key, focusing on increasing watch time, using loop videos, incorporating text, storytelling, creating hooks, and optimizing SEO can all contribute to your content's success. By following these steps, you can enhance your presence on these platforms and potentially go viral.


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    1. How does the social media algorithm work in terms of content visibility?

      • The algorithm initially shows content to 20% of your followers and users with similar interests, evaluating watch time and engagement to determine further visibility.
    2. What are some strategies to increase watch time on Instagram and TikTok?

      • Creating loop videos, using text, storytelling, teasing end of video surprises, optimizing video length, leveraging trending audios, custom thumbnails, and implementing SEO methods can all help increase watch time.
    3. Why are comments important for engagement on Instagram and TikTok?

      • Comments indicate genuine interest and effort from viewers, leading to higher visibility on platforms. Asking questions, creating controversial yet light-hearted content, and engaging with responses can boost the comment rate on your videos.
    4. When should one consider starting a new account on social media platforms?

      • If after applying various strategies to improve engagement on your current account and not seeing significant changes after 2 to 4 weeks, it may be worth considering starting a new account to re-establish your online presence.

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