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    How to join two fishing lines together | the Hook and The Cook

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    How to join two fishing lines together | the Hook and The Cook

    Are you a fishing enthusiast looking to join two lines together seamlessly? This article will guide you through the process with detailed steps. The key is to ensure you have plenty of line to work with and follow a specific knot tying technique. Let's dive into the method:

    To begin, lay the two lines together and leave ample line to work with. Take the first tag end and create a loop, similar to the first knot demonstrated earlier. Proceed to form the knot with three turns, pull it down, and firm it up. Repeat the same steps with the other end of the lines to create a matching knot. Once both knots are in place, add a bit of moisture to prevent the lines from burning and slide them together. To secure the connection, tighten the knots by grabbing the tag ends and main lines, then carefully pull them to ensure a strong joint. Finally, trim the tag ends to complete the process.


    • Fishing lines
    • Knot tying technique
    • Seamless connection
    • Moisture application
    • Tag ends trimming


    • Q: What is the importance of leaving plenty of line to work with when joining fishing lines?
      • A: Having ample line makes it easier to manipulate the knots and ensures a secure connection between the two lines.
    • Q: Why is adding moisture before sliding the knots together recommended?
      • A: Moisture helps prevent friction and potential burning of the lines during the joining process, leading to a smoother connection.
    • Q: Is there a specific knot recommended for joining fishing lines together?
      • A: The three-turn knot demonstrated in this article is a reliable and simple option for effectively joining two fishing lines.

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