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    How to make $10,834 tiktok #tiktok #earn_money #make #niches #tiktok_earning #viral #trend

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    How to make $ 10,834 tiktok #tiktok #earn_money #make #niches #tiktok_earning #viral #trend

    Is Success on Tik Tok based on luck or is it skill? Today, I'm going to show you my exact strategy of how I created Tik Tok videos to generate me over $ 10,000 this month. Make sure you guys watch this video all the way to the end because I teach you my secret scripting strategy that got me over 30 million views this month.

    For those who don't know, earlier this year Tik Tok released something called The Creator Program Beta (CPB), which is their new monetization program. The CPB gives creators $ 1 per 1,000 views they generate. For example, if you post one video that goes viral and gets 1 million views, you're sitting on $ 1,000 in profit. The only requirements to be in the CPB program are to have over 10,000 followers, 100,000 views in the past 30 days, and be in one of the eligible countries. The payout potential in this program is significant, with some creators making over 100 million views every single month like clockwork.

    Getting started on my research, I spent about 2 to 3 days straight diving into different niches on Tik Tok. My goal was to find the best videos in every single niche to maximize my views and earnings.


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    • Earn money
    • Niches
    • Viral videos
    • Monetization
    • Creator Program Beta
    • Scripting strategy
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    • Earnings


    1. Is Tik Tok success based on luck or skill?
    2. What is the Creator Program Beta on Tik Tok?
    3. How much can creators earn through the Tik Tok monetization program?
    4. What are the requirements to be eligible for the CPB program?
    5. How can scripting strategies help in creating viral Tik Tok videos?

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