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    How to make 500 Viral AI Reels (500 Ai Reel Challenge)

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    How to make 500 Viral AI Reels (500 Ai Reel Challenge)

    I embarked on a challenge to upload 500 AI videos on a new Instagram page, starting on June 24th. The journey began with creating an Instagram account named "Bite Me with AI" and designing a logo using Canva. AI videos were created using platforms like Lexica for generating images, God Chat GPT for script generation, Dubbed Up for converting scripts to audio, and Did for creating the videos. Affiliate marketing was incorporated by promoting an AI product from ClickBank and creating a landing page on to drive sales. Eventually, I bought 500 AI videos for a mere two dollars due to exhaustion from creating them myself. However, my account got restricted after uploading 32 videos due to not adhering to Instagram's guidelines. This experience taught the importance of not spamming posts, creating original content, and prioritizing quality over quantity.


    Instagram, AI videos, affiliate marketing, ClickBank, viral content, original content, social media strategy, branding


    1. What platforms were used to create the 500 AI videos for the Instagram challenge?
    2. How did affiliate marketing play a role in the challenge?
    3. What were the key lessons learned from the challenge regarding content creation and platform guidelines?

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