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    How to make AI Generated News Anchor (2023)

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    How to make AI Generated News Anchor (2023)

    In today's digital age, the creation of an AI-generated news anchor for a YouTube channel has become a feasible reality. This article will guide you through the process of setting up a YouTube channel, creating a logo and banner, finding news content, using AI tools for background removal and voice synthesis, editing videos, and ultimately uploading a professional-looking news segment.

    To begin, one must allocate sufficient storage space and create a YouTube channel, where a suitable name and logo should be decided upon. The Canva platform provides templates for logo creation. For the AI news anchor, tools like Lexica Aperture can be utilized to select a suitable virtual character. The next step involves background removal, which can be efficiently achieved using tools like Hit Pop Background Remover to maintain image quality.

    Once the character is prepared, real-time news content can be sourced from platforms like Google News. Utilizing Text-to-Speech (TTS) software like Hajan, a script can be generated and voiced by the chosen character. The video creation process involves selecting templates, adjusting backgrounds, and adding captions as needed.

    For video editing, tools like Cap Cut can be used to enhance the visual appeal of the news segment. The final step involves exporting and uploading the video to the YouTube channel for viewers to access.


    YouTube channel, AI news anchor, Canva, Lexica Aperture, Hit Pop Background Remover, Google News, Text-to-Speech, Hajan, video editing, Cap Cut.


    1. What tools can be used to create a logo and banner for a YouTube channel?
    2. How can AI tools be utilized to remove backgrounds from images efficiently?
    3. Where can real-time news content be sourced for creating news segments?
    4. Which software can be used for text-to-speech conversion of news scripts?
    5. What video editing tools are recommended for enhancing the visual appeal of news segments before uploading to YouTube?

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