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    How to make AI Promo Video Free! #ai #ailogo #tata #aitools #stablediffusion #controlnet

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    How to make AI Promo Video Free! #ai #ailogo #tata #aitools #stablediffusion #controlnet

    If you're looking to create promotional videos for your brand using AI technology, there are free and easy steps you can follow to achieve this. This article will guide you through the process of creating AI promo videos for free using the Control Net platform.

    Step One: Begin by visiting the Control Net platform using the link provided in the description. Step Two: Once on the Control Net platform, locate the line art model and customize it by uploading a PNG image of your brand logo. For example, you can use the Tata logo for demonstration purposes. Step Three: After uploading the brand logo, specify the background you want for your video, such as Aerial Dubai. Your logo image will then be ready for further processing. Step Four: Convert the images into GIFs to enhance your promo video. Step Five: To create a promo video, head over to and utilize Gift Makar to generate a video featuring your logo. Once created, share the video to promote your brand.

    By following these simple steps, you can create compelling promo videos for your brand using AI technology for free. Stay updated on this innovative approach to marketing.


    AI, AI logo, Tata logo, AI tools, stable diffusion, Control Net


    1. What is the process of creating AI promo videos for free using the Control Net platform?
    2. How can I customize the line art model on Control Net with my brand logo?
    3. Which platform can I use to convert the uploaded brand logo into GIFs for the promo video?
    4. Where can I go to create a promotional video using the generated GIFs and logo through Gift Makar on
    5. Why is AI technology beneficial for creating promotional videos for brands?

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