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    How to make AUTOMATIC AI VIDEOS with ChatGPT and FlexClip | Artificial Intelligence YouTube channel

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    How to make AUTOMATIC AI VIDEOS with ChatGPT and FlexClip | Artificial Intelligence YouTube channel

    In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to create professional videos using the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT and FlexClip. First, we'll start by logging into ChatGPT with our Google account. We will then create a text about starting a YouTube channel, including an introduction, three tips, and a conclusion. Next, we'll move on to FlexClip and log in with the same Google account. Using the timeline mode, we'll start creating a video by adding text-to-speech audio generated from the text created on ChatGPT. We'll also incorporate free copyright videos and auto AI subtitles provided by FlexClip to enhance the video. Finally, we'll export the video in the maximum quality to create a professional-looking YouTube video.


    Creating professional videos using artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT and FlexClip can streamline the video production process. By combining text generation, text-to-speech, video editing, and AI subtitles, users can easily create engaging content for their YouTube channels.


    • Professional videos
    • Artificial intelligence
    • YouTube channel
    • ChatGPT
    • FlexClip
    • Text-to-speech
    • AI subtitles
    • Video editing


      1. Can ChatGPT and FlexClip be used together to create YouTube videos?
      • Yes, ChatGPT can help generate text content for videos, while FlexClip provides video editing tools to incorporate text-to-speech, free copyright videos, and AI subtitles.
      1. Is the process of creating videos using ChatGPT and FlexClip user-friendly?
      • Yes, both platforms offer intuitive interfaces that make it easy for users to generate text, audio, and video content seamlessly.
      1. Can videos created with artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and FlexClip be customized?
      • Absolutely, users can customize videos by adding their own content, adjusting video length, and editing subtitles to suit their preferences and style.

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