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    How to make Animated AI MUSIC videos

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    How to Make Animated AI MUSIC Videos

    Today, we will be discussing how to create AI-generated music videos using free resources. This tutorial will guide you through the process of making visually appealing videos for your poetry or artistic reels without the need for payment. Let's get started!

    First things first, we need to generate a high-quality image to use as a reference for our video. Head over to to create and download images for free. Next, visit, sign up for a free account, and use their tools to generate the actual video. Upload your image, choose prompts and styles, adjust settings, and generate the video. Once the video is ready, download it and add audio to complete the process.

    The end result will be a unique and visually engaging music video created with the help of AI technology. Keep in mind that the free version of has limitations, but with some editing and tweaking, you can produce a decent video for your social media platforms. Enjoy the creative process and experiment with different prompts and settings to achieve the desired outcome.


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    1. Can I create AI-generated music videos for free? Yes, you can use free resources like and to create AI-generated music videos without any payment.

    2. Are there any limitations to using the free version of The free version of may restrict features such as uploading custom music and impose time limits on video generation.

    3. How can I enhance the quality of my AI-generated music videos? By spending time editing prompts, tweaking images, and experimenting with different settings, you can improve the quality of your AI-generated music videos.

    One more thing

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