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    How to make Flashcards from Your Notes in SECONDS! (Using AI)

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    How to Make Flashcards from Your Notes in SECONDS! (Using AI)

    Are you looking for a quick and easy way to create flashcards from your notes? With the help of AI technology, you can now generate flashcards automatically from any text that is not math-related. This article will guide you through the simple process of transforming your notes into flashcards in just a few seconds.

    To begin, you need to add your note to the app, either by importing it or creating a new one. Once your note is uploaded, open it and look for the option on the right side of the screen that says it will create flashcards for you. By clicking this button, the app will automatically identify key terms in your note and generate flashcards based on them. You can also edit the flashcards by clicking on the edit button, where you can review, edit, and add more terms to customize your flashcards.

    Creating flashcards from your notes has never been easier and faster than with this AI-powered feature. Whether you are a student looking to study more effectively or a professional aiming to retain important information, this tool is perfect for anyone seeking a convenient way to enhance their learning experience.


    Flashcards, Notes, AI, Automatic Generation, Study Tool, Key Terms, Customization


    1. Can I only create flashcards from non-math related notes?
    • Yes, the AI feature discussed in the article is designed to create flashcards from notes that are not math-related.
    1. Is it possible to edit the automatically generated flashcards?
    • Absolutely, you can edit, review, and add more terms to the flashcards to personalize them according to your needs.
    1. Can I use this tool for professional purposes?
    • Yes, this tool is suitable for both students and professionals looking to enhance their learning and retention of information through flashcards.

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