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    How to make Money Creating Viral Products review videos with AI

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    How to Make Money Creating Viral Product Review Videos with AI

    Have you ever purchased a product after watching a review video on platforms like YouTube? Product review videos have become increasingly popular for consumers looking for honest opinions before making a purchase. This script outlines a creative and efficient way to create engaging product review videos using AI tools. By following these steps, you can leverage AI technology to generate content, attract viewers, and potentially earn money through affiliate programs.

    To start, the process involves utilizing Google bard AI to search for top-rated products in a specific category, such as noise-canceling headphones. By extracting information from reputable sources like Amazon, Best Buy, and AliExpress, you can ensure the accuracy of product descriptions. The AI-generated script can then be converted to speech using text-to-speech tools like Additionally, by downloading product videos and images from platforms like AliExpress, you can enhance the visual appeal of your review videos.

    Using a user-friendly video editing tool like cap cut, you can combine the AI-generated voiceover with product visuals to create a polished and informative review video. Adding animations, text, background music, and keyframing can further enhance the video's quality. By following these steps, you can effectively create engaging product review videos that resonate with viewers and potentially drive affiliate sales.


    • Product review videos
    • AI technology
    • Affiliate programs
    • Video editing
    • Content creation
    • Online marketing


    1. Can AI tools help in creating product review videos?

      • Yes, AI tools like Google bard can assist in generating content for product review videos by summarizing product descriptions and features.
    2. How can affiliate programs benefit creators of review videos?

      • Affiliate programs allow creators to earn commissions by promoting products in their videos and directing viewers to purchase through affiliate links.
    3. What are some key elements to consider when creating review videos?

      • It is important to focus on product features, pros and cons, visual presentation, and providing honest and detailed information to viewers.
    4. Is it necessary to show your face in review videos to be successful?

      • No, as demonstrated in the script, creators can achieve success in product review videos without showing their face by leveraging AI tools for content creation.

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