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    How to make PASSIVE income with a FACELESS channel using FREE AI tools in 2024

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    How to make PASSIVE income with a FACELESS channel using FREE AI tools in 2024

    This article provides a detailed guide on how to create a passive income stream with a faceless YouTube channel using free AI tools in 2024. The process involves generating short, automated videos with interesting animal facts, leveraging AI voice-over technology, creating visuals on Canva, adding background music from YouTube's audio library, and auto-generating subtitles. The end result is a video ready for upload to generate income.

    To begin, research and compile a list of interesting animal facts. Use Chat GPT to generate a script with captivating information about the chosen animal. Then, utilize to convert the script into an AI voice-over. Next, create visuals on Canva by combining the audio with copyright-free images and videos sourced from websites like Pexels. Add background music from YouTube's audio library to enhance the video. Finally, auto-generate subtitles using before exporting the final video in MP4 format.

    By following this step-by-step process, anyone can create engaging videos without showing their face and potentially earn a passive income through YouTube.


    • Passive income
    • Faceless channel
    • AI tools
    • YouTube
    • Canva
    • Chat GPT
    • Pexels


    • What is a faceless channel? A faceless channel is a YouTube channel where the creator does not show their face on camera, focusing instead on other content, such as voice-overs and visuals.

    • How can AI tools help in creating videos? AI tools like Chat GPT,, and can assist in generating scripts, providing voice-overs, and auto-generating subtitles, making the video creation process more efficient and streamlined.

    • Can passive income be earned through a faceless channel? Yes, by creating engaging content and leveraging free AI tools to produce videos, individuals can earn passive income through monetization on platforms like YouTube.

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