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    How to make PPT in hindi using ChatGPT & Gamma AI tool for free

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    How to make PPT in Hindi using ChatGPT & Gamma AI tool for free

    PowerPoint presentations are a crucial tool used in various aspects of life, from school assignments to business presentations. However, creating presentations can be time-consuming. In this article, we will explore three methods to quickly and efficiently create presentations using ChatGPT and Gamma AI tools.

    To begin with, ChatGPT can help generate content for your presentation in just minutes. By providing specific instructions on the topic and desired content, ChatGPT can assist in creating slides with relevant information. Once the content is generated, it can be easily transferred to Microsoft 365 for designing the presentation slides.

    Another tool, Gamma AI, simplifies the presentation creation process further. By inputting the presentation topic and outline, Gamma AI automatically generates a complete presentation with layouts and content. Users can choose from different themes and designs to customize their presentations effortlessly.

    Lastly, Tom Shop offers a convenient platform to create presentations by outlining the topic and generating the content accordingly. While this tool lacks the PPT export option, it provides an efficient way to create and share presentations online.

    In conclusion, these AI tools provide a fast and efficient way to create compelling PowerPoint presentations in Hindi, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.


    • PowerPoint presentations
    • ChatGPT
    • Gamma AI
    • Presentation creation
    • Hindi language
    • Tools for quick presentations


    • Can these tools help in creating presentations in languages other than Hindi?
      • Yes, these tools can be used to create presentations in various languages by providing the content and instructions in the desired language.
    • Are these tools free to use for creating presentations?
      • Yes, ChatGPT, Gamma AI, and Tom Shop are free tools that can assist in creating presentations efficiently.
    • Can users customize the designs and themes of their presentations using these tools?
      • Absolutely, these tools offer options to choose from different themes and designs to customize presentations according to user preferences.

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