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    How to make VIRAL AI videos in CAPCUT!

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    How to make VIRAL AI videos in CAPCUT!

    Have you ever wanted to edit videos like the ones that garner millions of views and earn $ 2,000 a week using a new AI strategy? This guide will show you how to create engaging and monetizable videos using CapCut and various AI tools. Follow these steps to transform your video creation process and potentially increase your viewership and earnings.

    To begin, search for accounts that create videos like the ones described in the introduction, or specifically look for Genesis Learning on TikTok or Astromotion on YouTube. Utilize DubDub AI to transcribe the videos into scripts, making it easier to work with the content. Use Chat GPT to reword the script and make it monetizable. Generate images in Leonardo AI using prompts created by Chat GPT. Find high-quality AI images for free on related to your video's theme. Use 11 Laabs to add a voiceover to your script for a professional touch. Enhance your video with sound effects, visuals, and editing techniques in CapCut to create a captivating final product.

    This comprehensive guide will help you unlock the potential of AI tools and CapCut to produce engaging and successful videos that have the potential to go viral.


    • Video editing
    • AI tools
    • CapCut
    • Monetization
    • Content creation
    • Script transcription
    • Image generation
    • Voiceover
    • Sound effects
    • Visual editing


    1. Can I use the AI tools and techniques mentioned in this guide for free?
    2. Are the AI-generated images from high-quality and copyright-free?
    3. How can adding a voiceover enhance the quality of my video?
    4. Are there any specific steps recommended for ensuring my video is engaging and monetizable?
    5. Is it necessary to follow all the steps outlined in the guide to create successful videos in CapCut?

    One more thing

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