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    How to make VIRAL content for TikTok

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    How to make VIRAL content for TikTok

    We just hit tick-tock users are making millions of dollars it doesn't matter if you're a musician a business or just a personality it is the right platform for organic growth today we're going to explore how to go viral on tick tock we're going to be trying to make our e-commerce product the lemon scrub go viral i'm going to give you absolutely everything you need to know tips tricks and how to shoot the content so that your business can also go viral tiktok users are obsessed with the platform they spend on average over an hour a day on it and the great thing is that their feed is actually created for you there's over a billion users and people are watching more content on tick tock than youtube nowadays so why is tick tock so great back in the day instagram was an amazing platform for organic reach brands influences they would post content and grow their instagram they would use engagement pods and all of these hacks and tricks to get a lot of sales then instagram started introducing paid ads and that organic reach shrunk over time tick tock is the new instagram in this regards however it is much much bigger with instagram you'd actually have to follow people to see the content ticktock's default is absolutely everything that the algorithm thinks that is relevant to you this means that people can discover you very very easily people with only 100 followers can go absolutely viral and get millions of views over the past 12 months we've grown the woody tick tock page to 2.9 million likes i've also grown my personal tick tock to almost 150 000 followers we've achieved this by understanding that for you created feed and really tailoring our content to go to as many people as possible one of the first things i'll say about tiktok is that your product or your content strategy needs to be really relevant to the feed if you're doing something boring that is not entertaining educational or really captivating or controversial it's probably not going to work i've had some products that do incredibly well on tick tock some that don't do well at all if your product is struggling on tick tock chances are you need to go back to the drawing board and think of the creative way that you can display that product for the feed this is because unlike youtube tik tok users have a short attention span they can really easily with low friction just skip to the next video if you don't grab the user's attention within the first three seconds someone else will one of the coolest tick tock examples at the moment is charlie puth what if there was a song that started off like he used tiktok to release parts of his song and the creation of that song tiktok users would stay engaged with the content boosting it up throughout the algorithm he managed to amass 21 million views in just two weeks you need to take notice of this kind of virality and ability to get eyes on your product other incredible brands that are leveraging this platform include blendern sheen and high smile you can head to tiktok and look at success stories actually on their website for people that are using it for both advertising and organic one very common thing with tiktok is that people that can do organic growth can also do paid growth this is because their product just lends the self to the platform so natively if your product doesn't lend itself to the platform you need to find another way as i mentioned before mermaid straws does this by actually creating a personal touch they create visually pleasing asmr videos of packing that order to their customers and thanking them when nobody knew about the uri we leveraged the dance video trends so people were dancing in the hoodies and that would actually make it go viral the product is quite unique in the designs and also the oversized shape so people generally stop scrolling in their feed to have a look at it you can also try to add some custom packaging or a really amazing unboxing experience so people really get captivated in your product my personal tick tock has been also really helpful in growing my personal youtube channel this is actually one of the main reasons why i got into youtube when i did because i saw how much organic reach tiktok could create there's actually a couple of reasons why my personal tick tock has managed to grow firstly a lot of people actually already knew the brands that i was working on this would then make the content go more viral another reason why the content went viral is it was somewhat controversial people would go onto the tick tock and argue about whether we actually achieved those sales lots of people would accuse us of lying or editing our shopify screenshots and other people would defend us tick tock absolutely loves that engagement one of the main angles that we really found success with was the throwbacks it would show the journey from starting the business to the success that they are today six months ago i probably would have told you to focus on small little hacks to grow your page the truth is the algorithm is really smart now you just need to focus on being really genuine and engaging on the platform just focus on the content strategy that you're using do a lot of research what are your competitors doing what are people similar to you doing this is how you're going to go viral you also really need to focus on just being consistent you might not go viral on your first video do lots and lots of posts and stay consistent around the content strategy that you think is going to work so now i'm going to go into a step-by-step guide you're going to watch me shoot the content and post it live are we going to go viral or fail miserably [Music] alrighty so now we need to get all of the footage that we're going to use when making our tick tock we've done our research so we know all of our shots we've got a bit of a shot list at first i thought this stuff was just moderately good we're just gonna get a variety of shots of the lemon scrub first of all then actually the barbecue so we can do the clicking tick tock that we've seen so much then we're going to get in scrub it we've got a phone here to record some asmr as well in case we want to go down that angle it should be good let's get into it [Music] holding it here scrubbing scrub i'm nervous so i've got my scrub daddy here as well which is another viral product so when people that have bought the scrub daddy see this they'll know that video is relevant for them and then we can cross-sell them to our product [Music] i've got the first shot which is the point of view now so i don't shake too much i'm gonna get a second shot with someone filming me [Music] alrighty i've got all that footage on my phone now let's jump back into the tick tock app and make our first viral video after you've added a profile picture on your page you're going to come down here and click this plus sign now we're going to go into down here where we can go upload and select our content click next so go with scrub daddy here which is another viral product so so this is me talking about youtube i'm actually going to adjust that and i'm going to cut it just to where i start using the lemon scrub you can use the inbuilt tools to trim the video now editing in tiktok is very limited so like everything with facebook ads if you can learn to use premiere pro or final cut pro it's going to be a great skill for you to use down the line if you want a free option you can use cap card i really want the first three seconds to be really engaging so we don't want my hand pausing over there for too long we want them scooping in so people get intrigued with it we are going to put a voice over as well so that's going to make people more intrigued now i've trimmed my video now i can click this little timer down the bottom and speed it up might look a little bit jolty that's starting to come along nicely we're just going to make sure that it's trimmed you don't want too much boring stuff it'll be good place to finish and my start is good as well i'm going to click save there you can see it's a bit jolty but that will speed up once tick-tock catches up so now to get the robot voice we're just going to use this little text box here i thought this stuff was only half good i'm going to click this little voiceover i thought this stuff was only half good we're gonna select jessie for that voice and click done now what we can do is we can make the set the duration just to the start we wanna make it long enough so she can read the whole sentence now it does drag on a little bit my video in the middle because that's that stain was really tough so i'm also just going to add another text that says wait for it wait for it so good i should wait for it so it's so satisfying so satisfying this barbecue hasn't been cleaned for years so now i'm just going to save the video as a draft using next and then clicking drafts so i'm going to finish editing these videos now i'm going to jump back in the account in three days and see how we go it's actually gone to 236 so we just hit 236 000 views on our recent tick tock which is good it's ticking along so that's grown 100 000 views in just the past hour free impressions totally organic very very solid [Music] is


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