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    How to make a YouTube Intro - Start YOUR videos STRONG!

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    How to make a YouTube Intro - Start YOUR videos STRONG!

    Hey there, it's Ben Johnson! Today, we're diving into the art of creating a captivating YouTube intro that sets the tone for your channel. Intros are crucial as they give new viewers a glimpse into what your content is all about and add energy and clarity to your videos. Let's break down the key steps to crafting a compelling intro.


    B-roll footage is essential for showcasing who you are and what your channel represents. Use a mix of close, medium, and wide shots, incorporate slow-motion for added impact, and color grade your footage to make it pop.


    Choose high-energy instrumental music that complements your brand and edit your video clips to match the pacing and length of the music. Your intro music should be around 5 to 20 seconds long to keep viewers engaged.

    Text Effects

    Sum up your channel's essence in three to five words or phrases and use text overlays to enhance your intro. Consider using plugins like Motion VFX for customizable text effects that add a modern touch to your intro.

    Sound Effects

    Sound effects can elevate your intro by enhancing text animations. Use subtle sound effects like whooshes or hits to create a more immersive experience for your viewers.


    Ensure your intro flows seamlessly into the main content of your video. Start with an attention-grabbing intro, incorporate your channel name or logo at the end, and maintain a clear in and out point for a polished finish.

    Now that you're equipped with the tools to create a captivating YouTube intro, go ahead and captivate your audience from the first second!


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