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    How to make a viral video - Viral Video

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    How to Make a Viral Video - Viral Video

    He is considered by me to be the best of these elephants. Adam, uh this is Alan he'll be overseeing the video campaign from the client side. Hey nice to meet you, you also have heard some great things. Well thank you, we've actually just been discussing the ongoing video campaign. Oh great, Adam from the outset you've been doing some amazing work. Top stuff, absolutely Stella. Well thank you very much. We want to continue this ongoing relationship with your firm because we have been so impressed with the videos.

    Why have we been impressed? It was wonderful to hear. However, we've been putting our heads together back at the old HQ. If we wanted to, we've been trying to come up with some solutions or more ideas to improve the videos. Okay, I am all, is Adam. We want this next video to go viral. You want it to go viral, Adam? We've been sinking a lot of money into market research and what we've uncovered is when a video goes viral, it gets a lot of eyeballs, and what that does is it turns people into views. Can you do it? I mean, I guess we can try and make it go viral. We would prefer that you just made it go viral. Absolutely, sorry let me clarify me and my team are going to do the best possible commercial for you that we can, but we can't make it go viral.

    Sorry, I don't know why he's making this so difficult. Adam, why are you making this so difficult? Because going viral is something that literally no one can predict. It implies that it has a life of itself. Sir, are you are you suggesting that we should make this video sentient? What is that even possible? To make the video self-aware? No, damn it. I actually thought we were onto something then. Okay, how do I make it go viral? Okay, back to the drawing board. Okay, what are some other ways that we could make the video go viral? Sure, okay. What do people like, puppies? Puppies, fantastic. Anything else, not my knowledge. But before we get too deep into this, can you guys just explain to me what type of commercial you want to make? Is there any references you have? Okay, I do think we were onto something then, but we can circle back around to that.

    I agree regarding references, I would say the Old Spice commercial. Oh, what was the budget for this campaign again? One thousand dollars. Oh, Adam, the thing with the Old Spice commercial is it got hundreds of millions of views. We want that kind of engagement, he wants that kind of engagement. Okay, well budget aside, it's not like I can click the bar button when I export. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Are you telling me that there's a viral button that you could be clicking this whole time? Sorry, what I'm saying is that I can't, Adam, click the viral button, absolutely.

    As a general piece of advice from now on, can I just suggest that whenever you export a video, absolutely click the damn viral button. Listen to this man, he knows what he's talking about. You know what we're going to do for you guys? We're going to click the viral button. Now remind me what the product is again. We specialize in fertilizer. Of course you do and the budget's a thousand dollars, correct but there are thereabouts. Okay, we're going to make you guys a viral video about. I love this game, I told you.


    • Viral video
    • Marketing campaign
    • Going viral
    • Client satisfaction
    • Engagement


    • Can you guarantee that the next video will go viral?
      No, going viral is unpredictable and cannot be guaranteed.
    • What are some strategies to make a video go viral?
      Creating engaging content, leveraging popular trends, utilizing social media effectively, and targeting the right audience are all strategies that can help a video go viral.
    • Is there a specific formula or button to make a video go viral?
      No, there is no specific formula or button that can guarantee a video will go viral. Creating shareable and compelling content is key.

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