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    How to make animated videos with Chatgpt/ Tamil tutorial

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    How to make animated videos with Chatgpt/ Tamil tutorial

    In the heart of a lush and vibrant jungle, a story of a learned squirrel unfolds. This beautiful jungle serves as the backdrop for the creation of an animated cartoon story, narrated by an AI voiceover and brought to life with AI images, edited into a captivating clip.

    The process begins with crafting a small story about the adventures of a wise squirrel in the jungle. Followed by the creation of an AI voiceover to narrate the story, incorporating the natural sounds of the jungle. AI-generated images are then used to visualize the scenes described in the story. Finally, the clip is edited to bring all the elements together into a seamless and engaging animation.

    The combination of storytelling, AI voiceover, AI images, and editing techniques results in a mesmerizing animated video that transports the viewers into the enchanting world of the jungle.


    • Animated videos
    • ChatGPT
    • Tamil tutorial
    • AI voiceover
    • AI images
    • Editing


    1. What is ChatGPT and how is it used in creating animated videos?
    2. How can AI voiceovers enhance the storytelling in animated videos?
    3. What role do AI-generated images play in the creation of animated content?
    4. How important is the editing process in ensuring a polished and professional animated video?

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