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    How to make horizontal or vertical scrolling text | VSDC Free Video Editor

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    How to make horizontal or vertical scrolling text | VSDC Free Video Editor

    In this tutorial from the DC channel, you will learn how to quickly create beautiful animated scrolling text using the free version of VSDC Video Editor. This feature allows you to create stickers or scrolling credits for your videos with ease. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create dynamic text animations to enhance your video editing projects.

    Step 1: Creating Animated Scrolling Text

    • Create a new project with a 60 frames per second rate for smooth animation.
    • Use shapes, gradients, shadows, and movement effects to design the background for the scrolling text.
    • Add a shadow effect and adjust settings for a smoother appearance.
    • Apply movement effects to make the text background appear gradually on the screen.
    • Add a shadow to the scene for added visual interest.
    • Finally, add text, customize it, and apply the scrolling text effect.

    Step 2: Customizing Scrolling Text

    • Adjust the shift mode for horizontal text movement.
    • Utilize options like scrolling from right to left for different effects.
    • Use shift size to adjust text animation and customize movement along a Bezier curve.
    • Explore templates and control points for fine-tuning the animation.
    • Reverse the animation if needed or shift the layer for different effects.
    • Create closing credits by applying the scroll and text effect with a bottom-to-top shift mode.


    • Animated scrolling text
    • VSDC Video Editor
    • Text animation
    • Visual effects
    • Video editing


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    • How can I create scrolling credits for my video projects using VSDC Video Editor?
    • Is it possible to customize the appearance of the scrolling text, such as changing colors or fonts, in VSDC Video Editor?
    • Are there preset templates available for creating different scrolling text effects in VSDC Video Editor?
    • Can I apply the scrolling text effect to both horizontal and vertical movement in VSDC Video Editor?

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