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    How to make viral Instagram Reels - NOT how you think…

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    How to Make Viral Instagram Reels - NOT How You Think...

    Instagram Reels have become a popular way to grow and engage with followers. In this article, we'll dive into strategies for creating viral Instagram Reels that can help you gain more views and followers. Whether you're looking to create trendy content or original videos, these tips will help you implement effective strategies for growth.

    Creating Viral Instagram Reels

    When it comes to creating viral Instagram Reels, there are two main types to consider: trendy reels and original content. Trendy reels are the ones often seen in tips videos, featuring trending audio and visuals. On the other hand, original content can be thought of as mini YouTube videos, providing valuable information or tips in a shorter format.

    To come up with ideas for viral reels, consider using the "three T's of virality": taboo, timely, and tangible tips. Taboo reels address hot topics or share transparent and open conversations that others are hesitant to talk about. Timely reels focus on trending conversations, recent news, or pop culture references. Tangible tips reels provide actionable advice that viewers can implement right away for immediate results.

    By focusing on ideas rather than post-production optimization, you can create reels that capture and keep the attention of your viewers and potential followers.

    Filming and Editing Process

    When it comes to filming your reels, find a setup that works best for you. Some prefer using their phones, while others find using a camera and editing on a laptop more efficient. Plan your content and script ahead of time, and film yourself talking to the camera or capture relevant b-roll footage.

    For editing, tools like Adobe Premiere Pro can be helpful. If you're editing trendy reels, you can screen record your phone while playing the trending audio and then transfer the footage to your computer. For original content, transfer your footage to your computer and start the editing process.

    Edit out any dead air, select the best takes, and cut out any unnecessary parts. Add emphasis through scaling or effects, and include graphics, titles, and sound effects to make your reels more engaging. Consider using stock footage from platforms like Storyblocks to enhance the quality of your content.

    Uploading and Posting Reels

    Once you've finished editing your reels, transfer them to your phone and create a reel on Instagram. Instead of recording within the app, upload your pre-edited video from your camera roll. Choose an audio track, adjust the volume if needed, and create a captivating cover image for your reel.

    Craft a concise and engaging caption and add relevant hashtags. You can also schedule your reel as a draft, ensuring that it’s posted at the right time and allowing you to be present when it goes live.

    By following these steps and focusing on creating engaging content, you can increase your chances of making viral Instagram Reels and gaining more views and followers.


    • Instagram Reels
    • Viral content
    • Trendy reels
    • Original content
    • Filming process
    • Editing process
    • Stock footage
    • Uploading and posting reels


    Q: Do I need to follow all the popular tactics and growth strategies to grow on Instagram Reels? A: No, focusing on bigger picture strategies and creating engaging content is more important than using all the popular tactics.

    Q: What are the "three T's of virality" for Instagram Reels? A: The "three T's of virality" are taboo, timely, and tangible tips. Taboo reels address hot topics or transparent conversations, timely reels focus on trending conversations or news, and tangible tips provide actionable advice.

    Q: Can I use a camera and edit on a computer for Instagram Reels? A: Yes, using a camera and editing on a computer can offer more options and efficiency in creating and editing Instagram Reels.

    Q: How do I choose the right hashtags for my Instagram Reels? A: Consider using hashtags that are highly relevant to your content and reflect the topics or themes you're covering in your reels.

    Q: Can using stock footage enhance the quality of my Instagram Reels? A: Yes, incorporating stock footage from platforms like Storyblocks can add visual appeal and variety to your reels, increasing viewer engagement.

    Q: Is it essential to schedule Instagram Reels as drafts? A: Scheduling Instagram Reels as drafts can allow you to be present when they go live and ensure they are posted at the right time for maximum reach and engagement.

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