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    How to make viral TRAVEL videos using Ai

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    How to Make Viral Travel Videos Using AI

    Are you looking to create engaging and viral travel videos without showing your face or using your own voice? With the latest AI technology and easy-to-use tools, you can now create travel videos that generate thousands of dollars per month. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to create your own travel channel using AI, from finding popular destinations to automatically generating videos with AI voices and b-roll footage.

    Step 1: Find Popular Destinations

    The first step is to identify popular travel destinations. You can do this by going on YouTube and searching for keywords like "top 10 places to visit in X country." YouTube will show you what people are actively searching for. Make a list of these popular destinations as potential video ideas.

    Step 2: Generate Video Content Using AI

    Now that you have a list of popular destinations, it's time to create your travel videos. One powerful tool that can help you with this is Flicky. Flicky allows you to turn text into videos using AI voices and automatically generated b-roll footage.

    Start by creating an account on Flicky and choose the video option. Copy and paste the text you want to use for your video, such as a list of top things to do in a specific destination. Flicky will automatically generate b-roll footage and add AI voices to your video, giving it a professional touch. You can modify the content, voice, and captions to suit your preferences.

    Step 3: Edit and Enhance Your Videos

    Once you have generated your video using Flicky, you might want to edit and enhance it further. InVideo is an excellent tool for video editing. You can import your generated video and add background music, tweak the volume, and make other adjustments to improve the overall quality. InVideo also provides access to a vast library of stock videos and music to enhance your videos further.

    Step 4: Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

    To attract viewers to your videos, it's crucial to create eye-catching thumbnails. Canva is a free tool that can help you with this. Choose the YouTube thumbnail design and create a unique thumbnail by selecting attractive images, adding compelling text, and using bold fonts. Customize the colors to make your thumbnail stand out.

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