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    How to use AI to Create Automatic Short Form Video w/ Autopod on Adobe Premiere Pro

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    How to use AI to Create Automatic Short Form Video w/ Autopod on Adobe Premiere Pro

    Today, we are diving back into the world of Autopod to explore its additional plugins beyond the multi-camera editor. In our previous video, we delved into the capabilities of the multi-camera editor, a groundbreaking plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that can seamlessly handle up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones for podcast editing. Now, we are turning our attention to the Social Clip Creator plugin by Autopod, which offers the ability to automatically reframe videos for social media platforms. Let's dive in and see how this AI-powered tool can streamline the process of creating short-form content for social media.

    We begin by selecting a clip from the Modern Preneur podcast and importing it into Adobe Premiere Pro. With the Autopod Social Clip Creator plugin installed, we set an in and out point on our timeline to define the segment we want to reframe for social media. By accessing the plugin through the window menu and entering the necessary settings such as the desired output resolution and reframing options, we can quickly transform our long-format content into a format optimized for social media consumption. Once the settings are configured, a simple click on the "Create Clips" button generates a new sequence with the reframed video, ready for further customization with captions and graphics.

    Using Autopod's AI capabilities, we can efficiently adapt our content for various social media platforms, ensuring that it resonates with audiences across different channels. The Social Clip Creator plugin simplifies the process of creating engaging short-form videos tailored to the specific requirements of platforms like Instagram and Facebook. By leveraging AI technology, content creators can save time and effort in optimizing their videos for maximum impact on social media.


    Autopod, Adobe Premiere Pro, AI plugin, Social Clip Creator, short-form video, automatic reframing, podcast editing, social media optimization


    1. What is Autopod? Autopod is an AI-powered plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that offers a range of tools for podcast editing and video optimization, including the Social Clip Creator for automatically reframing videos for social media.

    2. How does the Social Clip Creator plugin work? The Social Clip Creator plugin by Autopod allows users to reframe long-format videos into shorter, optimized formats for social media platforms by defining in and out points and configuring settings such as output resolution and reframing options.

    3. What are the benefits of using Autopod for creating short-form videos? Autopod streamlines the process of adapting content for social media, leveraging AI technology to automatically optimize videos for platforms like Instagram and Facebook. By simplifying the reframing process, content creators can efficiently produce engaging short-form videos tailored to specific audiences on social media.

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