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    How to use auto compose to edit short videos with AI

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    How to use auto compose to edit short videos with AI

    In this article, we will guide you on how to utilize the new auto compose feature in ClipChamp to easily create engaging short videos with the help of AI. This feature allows you to effortlessly create videos by following simple steps, selecting video styles, aspect ratios, video lengths, and more. Let's dive into the detailed process below:

    Start by visiting and either signing in or creating a free account. Once logged in, you will be directed to the home page where you can click on the "Create a video with AI" button. Follow the steps of giving your video a name, uploading media files, selecting video styles, aspect ratio, video length, background music, and previewing your video before exporting it. You can also continue editing your video with additional features like animated text, sticker overlays, and captions within ClipChamp.


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    1. How do I begin using the auto compose feature in ClipChamp?
    2. Can I select my own video styles and preferences for the AI to consider?
    3. What options do I have for background music selection?
    4. Is it possible to continue editing the video after using the auto compose feature?
    5. How can I save and share the final edited video from ClipChamp?

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