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    How to write a 60-second video script

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    How to write a 60-second video script

    When starting the process of scripting a video, it's essential to ask yourself a series of questions to ensure that the final product effectively engages your audience. Imagine taking your viewer on a journey from their starting point to their destination. Begin by defining your viewer and the problem they are facing. For example, your viewer may lack knowledge on how to script a video. Introduce this problem and delve deeper into it, maybe they are struggling with writing too much and taking too long. The next step is to provide them with the necessary tools to overcome this issue. Finally, conclude by showing your viewer how to write a successful script and include a call to action to encourage engagement.


    • Video script
    • Viewer engagement
    • Problem identification
    • Writing concisely
    • Call to action


    1. How should I define my viewer when scripting a video?

      • Defining your viewer involves understanding their knowledge level and the specific problem they are facing.
    2. Why is it important to introduce and develop the problem in a video script?

      • Introducing the problem helps to create a connection with the viewer, while developing it further adds depth to the narrative.
    3. Why include a call to action in the script?

      • A call to action encourages viewer engagement and prompts them to take further action after watching the video.

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