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    I Analyzed 200 TikTok Videos For You (TikTok Algorithm Explained)

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    I Analyzed 200 TikTok Videos For You (TikTok Algorithm Explained)

    After analyzing 200 straight videos on my For You page, the TikTok algorithm has undergone significant changes. In this article, we delve into two surprising findings from the analysis and discuss the implications of these changes on TikTok views. Read on to discover how the TikTok algorithm has evolved and what creators can do to adapt to these changes.

    The experiment involved scrolling through the For You page 100 times while tallying the age of videos and observing how many were categorized by TikTok's search engine. The results showed a shift towards older videos being showcased more prominently, as well as a majority of videos being categorized by TikTok's search function.

    Surprising Findings:

    1. Shift towards Older Videos: Only 29% of videos observed were from the current week, while 71% were older than a week.
    2. Categorization by TikTok: 88% of the videos analyzed were assigned a label by TikTok's search engine, indicating a focus on optimizing searchability.

    These findings suggest a new focus on relevance and quality of content by the TikTok algorithm, emphasizing the importance of creating high-value content that resonates with the audience.

    Moreover, the article discusses the implications for creators and provides recommendations on how to navigate the evolving TikTok algorithm by experimenting with different content formats and focusing on delivering value to the audience.


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    1. How has the TikTok algorithm changed based on the analysis of 200 videos?
    2. What do creators need to focus on to succeed in the evolving TikTok landscape?
    3. Why is the categorization of content by TikTok's search engine significant for creators?
    4. How can creators adapt their content strategies to align with the new TikTok algorithm updates?
    5. Is there a recommended approach for creators to experiment with different content formats on TikTok for optimal growth and engagement?

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