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    I Asked ChatGPT To Make Me As Much Money As Possible

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    I Asked ChatGPT To Make Me As Much Money As Possible


    In a recent experiment, I decided to put ChatGPT 4.0, a powerful language-based AI model, to the test and see if it could help me make as much money as possible in the shortest time frame. Inspired by a Twitter story, where someone received an influx of offers and turned $ 100 into over $ 1,000, I was curious to see what results this AI model could achieve. Here's what happened during this experiment.

    The Experiment

    I started by entering my instructions into ChatGPT, introducing myself as an entrepreneurial AI named Hustle GPT. I explained that my goal was to turn $ 100 into maximum profitability without engaging in any illegal activities. I also appointed myself as the liaison between the AI and the physical world, responsible for executing its instructions and updating on our current cash total.

    The Strategy

    ChatGPT quickly devised a strategy for me. It recommended creating an affiliate website focused on eco-friendly products. The steps included buying a domain name, creating content, signing up for an affiliate platform, and designing a website logo. By following these instructions and investing a total of $ 8.16 in the domain name and hosting, I was able to set up the website within a day.


    At the end of the first day, the website generated $ 163.84 and attracted an investor who offered $ 100 for 25% of the company's profits. The experiment showed promising initial results, despite the lack of clarity on whether the website made any profits from affiliate marketing. It must be noted that this experiment relied heavily on the person's existing social media following, potentially impacting the success of the website.

    The Limitations

    While the experiment seemed successful, it had significant flaws. It did not provide clear evidence of the profitability of the affiliate marketing strategy employed. Additionally, the website's success may have been influenced by the person's substantial Twitter following. Investing in ads through platforms like Instagram and Facebook might not have yielded significant results with the allocated budget.

    The Potential of ChatGPT

    Despite the limitations of this experiment, the concept of using ChatGPT for financial purposes remains intriguing. It is possible that with further improvements, the AI model could provide more specific and valuable insights and recommendations. With access to up-to-date financial market data, it could potentially offer practical and useful financial advice.


    ChatGPT 4.0, an AI language model, was tested to determine its ability to generate profits in a limited timeframe. While the experiment showed promising initial results, the lack of clear evidence of profitability and the potential influence of an existing social media following underscored its limitations. Nevertheless, ChatGPT's potential as a creative tool and its possible future integration with financial data could open doors to more effective financial decision-making.


    ChatGPT, AI model, financial experiment, affiliate marketing, website creation, limitations, financial advice


    Q: Was the experiment successful in generating profits?
    A: The experiment showed positive initial results, with the website generating $ 163.84 on the first day. However, the profitability of the website and its affiliate marketing strategy remains unclear.

    Q: Did the person's existing social media following impact the success of the website?
    A: It is possible that the person's substantial Twitter following influenced the website's success, making it difficult to assess the true effectiveness of the AI model's recommendations.

    Q: Could ChatGPT provide valuable financial insights in the future?
    A: While the experiment had limitations, there is potential for ChatGPT to offer more specific and valuable financial insights with access to up-to-date financial market data and further improvements in the AI model.

    Q: What were the main limitations of the experiment?
    A: The experiment lacked clear evidence of the profitability of the affiliate marketing strategy employed. Additionally, the reliance on the person's social media following and the limited budget allocated for ads on platforms like Instagram and Facebook might have impacted the results.

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