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    I Created a Meme Page and it went Viral #shorts

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    I Created a Meme Page and it went Viral #shorts

    Today, I embarked on a mission to penetrate the world of memes on Instagram, starting with Gram. Determined to engage with my audience, I committed to uploading 10 videos daily for 28 days to see how many people would interact with my content. After creating a program called VR Minutes, I decided to borrow some ideas from other popular pages and upload them to my Mirli page. Despite the stress, the day ended well as viewers responded positively.

    Seven consecutive days of uploading videos at 10:00 resulted in gaining 127 followers initially, with more followers streaming in afterward. The page's revenue grew to ₹50,350,500, thanks to strategic seed and increment strategies. A video bartering deal with a viewer increased engagement significantly, leading to a substantial increase in subscribers. However, a natural hiccup occurred on the last day, affecting the overall success of the venture.


    Meme page, Instagram, viral content, daily uploads, follower growth, revenue increase, engagement strategies, subscriber count, video bartering, natural setbacks.


    1. How did the author kickstart their meme page journey on Instagram?
    2. What were the results of uploading 10 videos daily for 28 days?
    3. How did the revenue and follower count evolve over time?
    4. What was the unique strategy employed to increase engagement with viewers?
    5. What challenges did the author face during the growth of their meme page?

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