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    I FOUND A NEW NICHE!! | Youtube and Instagram Video Creation with AI

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    I FOUND A NEW NICHE!! | Youtube and Instagram Video Creation with AI

    If you want to go viral on Instagram or YouTube, acting fast in a currently uncompetitive niche is key. One such niche that is gaining traction is dark psychology, which can help you attract a large following relatively quickly. By following a step-by-step guide and utilizing AI tools for video creation, you can tap into this potentially lucrative market. Here's how you can get started:

    Step 1: Naming and Branding

    • Use tools like Chat GPT to generate name ideas for your dark psychology YouTube channel. Select a name that resonates with your target audience, such as "Mind Manipulation Insights."
    • Create a logo and banner for your channel using AI art generating tools like Leonardo AI. Design these elements to reflect the dark psychology theme and attract viewers.

    Step 2: Video Creation

    • Find articles on dark psychology and use AI tools to rewrite the content for your script.
    • Use AI voice generators to create voiceovers for your videos.
    • Find and generate suitable images for your video background that align with the dark psychology theme.
    • Edit your videos using free software like CapCut, adding transitions, effects, captions, and background music to enhance the viewer experience.

    Step 3: Optimization and Growth

    • Utilize keyword research to increase your video's visibility and reach on YouTube. Identify high-performing competitors and use their keywords to optimize your content.
    • Consistency is key, so aim to upload at least four videos per day to attract and retain subscribers.
    • Stay up to date on trending topics and optimize your content accordingly to maximize views and engagement.

    By following these steps and leveraging AI tools for content creation, you can establish a strong presence in the dark psychology niche and set yourself up for success on YouTube and Instagram.


    Dark psychology, AI video creation, YouTube growth, Instagram strategy, Content optimization


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