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    I Figured Out the TikTok Algorithm.

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    I Figured Out the TikTok Algorithm

    I spent two weeks studying the TikTok algorithm, delving into why some users become mega-famous while others struggle to gain traction. Through analyzing the platform and its content, I discovered some surprising insights into what types of videos the algorithm favors and how users can potentially increase their visibility on TikTok.

    I started by logging out of my TikTok account to view the "For You" page and analyze the videos recommended to me. I observed patterns in the videos that received the most likes, shares, and comments. Surprisingly, I found that while the platform features various types of content, certain categories like comedy and dance tend to perform better in terms of engagement. Additionally, I noticed that the algorithm seems to prioritize medium-length videos over long or short ones, possibly to keep users scrolling consistently.

    Moreover, I uncovered data about the use of hashtags, famous sounds, effects, and duets on TikTok. Contrary to popular belief, hashtags don't seem to significantly impact a video's views or engagement. Interestingly, videos with famous sounds actually received fewer likes on average compared to those with custom sounds. This suggests that the algorithm may prioritize certain types of content over others, regardless of popular trends.

    While analyzing the TikTok algorithm provided valuable insights into what drives success on the platform, it also raised questions about the role of creativity, passion, and authenticity in content creation. As the future of TikTok remains uncertain amid discussions of potential bans, users may need to adapt their strategies to stay relevant and continue growing their presence on the platform.


    • TikTok algorithm
    • For You page
    • Content categories
    • Engagement metrics
    • Hashtags
    • Famous sounds
    • User behavior
    • Content strategy


    • How does the TikTok algorithm determine which videos to feature on the "For You" page?
    • Do hashtags play a significant role in increasing a video's visibility on TikTok?
    • What are some key findings from analyzing the engagement metrics of TikTok videos?
    • How can users adapt their content strategy to align with the algorithm's preferences on TikTok?

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