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    I Found The Best 3 High-RPM NICHES On TikTok Creativity Program and YouTube!

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    I Found The Best 3 High-RPM NICHES On TikTok Creativity Program and YouTube!

    After joining the Tik Tok creativity program or the YouTube Partner program, creators have the opportunity to earn income based on the number of views their videos receive. Factors such as audience demographics, content type, and country of viewers influence the RPM (Revenue per thousand views) earned. In this script, Mr. Manado shares three high-RPM niches for making money on TikTok and YouTube in 2024: make money online, history, and technology.

    In the quest for high earnings on TikTok and YouTube, understanding audience demographics and creating content in profitable niches is essential. The script delves into three lucrative niches that can potentially generate high RPM for creators: make money online, history, and technology. By exploring these niches, creators can attract engaged audiences and monetize their content effectively.

    Keywords: TikTok, YouTube, high-RPM niches, make money online, history, technology


    1. How do audience demographics impact RPM on TikTok and YouTube?
    2. What are the three high-RPM niches recommended for creators on TikTok and YouTube?
    3. How can creators monetize their content effectively in the make money online niche?
    4. What tools and resources are suggested for creating high-quality videos on TikTok and YouTube?
    5. How can creators optimize their content for maximum earnings in the history and technology niches?

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