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    I Gave an Ai Bot $50,000 to Trade Stocks

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    I Gave an AI Bot $ 50,000 to Trade Stocks

    AI bots have proven their prowess in various competitive games and now they are making their mark in the stock market. This article follows the journey of creating an artificial intelligence robot to day trade in the stock market with a $ 50,000 budget. The process involves utilizing Chad GTP, leveraging trading signals from social media trading gurus, and pitting the AI bot against human traders to analyze its performance. The narrative unfolds with the development of the bot, testing it against real-time market scenarios, and comparing its results with those of human traders.


    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Day Trading
    • Stock Market
    • AI Bot
    • Chad GTP
    • Social Media Trading Gurus
    • Trading Signals


    • How was the AI bot created for day trading in the stock market?
    • What were the results of pitting the AI bot against human traders and social media trading gurus?
    • What role did Chad GTP and trading signals play in the experiment?
    • What were the challenges faced in developing and testing the AI bot for day trading?

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