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    I Help The Company With FACEBOOK Ads - LUKE BELMAR #lukebelmar #shortsviral #trending #facebookads

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    I Help The Company With FACEBOOK Ads - LUKE BELMAR #lukebelmar #shortsviral #trending #facebookads

    In the early stages of his entrepreneurial journey, Luke Belmar recounts his experience of assisting a company on Wall Street with their Facebook ads. Offering his services for free for a period of two months, Luke managed to double the company's revenue through strategic Facebook ad campaigns. Following this success, Luke approached the company for a formal contract, leading to a lucrative monthly retainer. This story highlights the importance of providing value upfront to secure long-term business opportunities.


    • Luke Belmar
    • Entrepreneurial journey
    • Facebook ads
    • Wall Street
    • Revenue growth
    • Value proposition


    • How did Luke Belmar kickstart his entrepreneurial journey?
    • What was Luke's approach to helping a company with Facebook ads?
    • What lesson can be learned from Luke's experience with the company on Wall Street?

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