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    I start sweating as soon as I hear coding because I am very scared of coding. To get a small output, we have to write long codes. However, according to Google, learning coding is easy and not difficult. Today, I decided to overcome my fear and delve into the world of coding. I chose Python, the easiest coding language, as my starting point. After revisiting what I learned in school, I began creating a program, immersing myself in coding day and night. To aid my concentration, I even resorted to a unique method of eating long codes on bread. Eventually, with determination and guidance from Google, I successfully crafted a code that adds a heart to every comment in the comment section. Try it for yourself by leaving a comment.


    coding, fear, Python, learning, program, concentration, creating, determination, comment, heart, challenge


    1. How did the individual overcome their fear of coding? The individual decided to set aside their fear and immerse themselves in the world of coding by revisiting Python, the easiest coding language they had learned in school.

    2. What unique method did the person use to aid their concentration while coding? The individual found a unique method of enhancing concentration by 'eating' long codes placed on bread, allowing them to understand the programming better and stay focused.

    3. What was the outcome of the individual's coding journey in the article? After a day of dedicated coding, the individual successfully created a program that added a heart to every comment in the comment section, showcasing their progress and achievement in learning coding within a short timeframe.

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