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    These days, the internet is abuzz with various trends such as reviving old photos, animating drawings, and creating videos with AI technology. Recently, I delved into this digital craze by generating a high-quality video using a robot. The process involved capturing different shots like balcony scenes, basketball tricks, and playful moments, which were then transformed into a seamless video. By following specific steps and utilizing online tools, I was able to produce a captivating video that rivaled professional content. This innovative approach highlights the intersection of technology and creativity in modern digital storytelling.


    AI-generated video, internet trends, digital creativity, online tools, video production, innovative technology


    1. What inspired you to create a video using AI technology?

      • The current internet trends and the ability to experiment with innovative tools motivated me to try my hand at producing a video with AI.
    2. How did you transform the shots into a seamless video?

      • By following a structured process involving capturing various footage and utilizing online platforms for editing and compilation, I was able to seamlessly merge the shots into a cohesive video.
    3. What does the use of a robot entail in creating the video?

      • The robot assisted in generating the video by processing the captured shots and compiling them into a final product, showcasing the capabilities of AI technology in content creation.

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