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    I Made 60 Instagram Reels in 60 Min With Just 2 AI Tools

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    I Made 60 Instagram Reels in 60 Min With Just 2 AI Tools

    A faceless Instagram account rapidly gained over 75,000 followers within four months by creating simple faceless reels on self-growth. The account's videos follow a specific format, with informational steps displayed on a single frame with a cinematic background. To replicate this success, the process of creating 60 reels in under 60 minutes using AI tools was demonstrated.

    The first step involved finalizing ideas for 60 reels across six categories such as healthy habits, mindset, success, and more. AI tools were then used to generate 100 tips for each category, which were organized and categorized for easy tracking. Templates in an editing platform were utilized to quickly create reels by replacing text and background videos. Scheduling these reels on Instagram allowed for consistent posting and strategic use of trending audio and captions to maximize visibility and engagement.

    The key to efficiency was the seamless integration of AI tools and template-based editing, enabling the creation of numerous reels in a short span of time. The process emphasized simplicity and consistency in content creation and posting strategies. By leveraging automation and strategic planning, the account aimed to replicate the success of the original account in growing its following and engagement on Instagram.


    • Instagram reels
    • AI tools
    • Content creation
    • Social media growth
    • Self-growth
    • Automation
    • Trending audio
    • Scheduling
    • Engagement strategy
    • Template-based editing


    • How did the faceless Instagram account grow to over 75,000 followers in just four months?
    • What AI tools were used to generate tips for the Instagram reels?
    • How were templates utilized in creating the 60 reels within a short time frame?
    • What strategies were employed for scheduling and maximizing visibility on Instagram?
    • What were the key takeaways from the process of creating and posting 60 reels in 60 minutes?

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