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    I Made A Viral TikTok Song

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    I Made A Viral TikTok Song

    Have you ever wondered what it takes for a song to go viral on TikTok? In this article, we'll dive into the story of how one individual set out to create the perfect TikTok song and the strategies they employed to make it go viral. From disguises to paying TikTok content creators, we'll explore the journey and results of this ambitious experiment.


    TikTok has become a platform where songs can explode in popularity thanks to viral dances and trends. Artists like Doja Cat, The Baby, and Lil Nas X have all experienced massive surges in popularity due to their songs blowing up on TikTok and propelling them to the top of the charts. With the desire to replicate this success, one individual embarked on a mission to create the perfect TikTok song that would take every element that makes songs popular on the platform and combine them into one irresistible track.

    The Experiment Begins

    The individual, who goes by the name Ned Flames under the disguise of the artist name "Fox Season," started by researching the most popular songs on TikTok and analyzing their common features. They discovered that catchy beats, specific dance instructions, relatable lyrics, and one-liners that can be interpreted in various ways all contributed to the popularity of a TikTok song. Armed with this knowledge, Ned set out to write the ultimate TikTok anthem.

    Crafting the Perfect Song

    Ned carefully considered the elements that make a song tick-tockable and created a beat that was catchy and energetic. With the help of auto-tune, they recorded vocals and wrote lyrics that incorporated relatable scenarios, dance instructions, and funny self-aware lines. The result was a song with a clear TikTok vibe that had the potential to become a viral sensation.

    Putting on the Disguise

    To release the song, Ned decided to adopt a disguise and create a fake artist identity. The disguise included changing their appearance, dressing differently, and even adopting a fake goatee made of real human hair. The goal was to release the song anonymously and avoid associating it with Ned's existing social media presence. The new artist identity, Fox Season, was born.

    Releasing the Song on TikTok

    Ned submitted the song to various streaming platforms, including TikTok, and it was now time to put the plan into action. They created six TikTok videos featuring different elements of the song and started posting them strategically. The hope was that people would see the videos, listen to the song, and create their own TikToks using it.

    The Results and Strategies

    Despite the efforts and disguise, the initial TikToks didn't gain much traction. The algorithm seemed to recognize Ned's existing followers and showed them the videos, leading to a surge of comments pointing out that "Fox Season" was actually Ned Flames. However, some users still engaged with the content and started making their own TikToks with the song.

    To boost the song's popularity, Ned employed several strategies. They reached out to TikTok content creators, paid them to make videos featuring the song, and even came clean that Fox Season was actually their own creation. While these strategies did generate some buzz, the number of videos using the song didn't reach the desired goal of 50,000.


    • TikTok song
    • Viral sensation
    • Disguise
    • Strategies
    • Paid content creators


    1. Did the TikTok song go viral?
      • While the song didn't reach the goal of 50,000 videos, it still gained around 1,835 videos, which is impressive.
    2. What were the common elements of successful TikTok songs?
      • Catchy beats, specific dance instructions, relatable lyrics, and one-liners that can be interpreted in various ways.
    3. Did the disguise work?
      • The disguise didn't fool TikTok users, and many recognized Ned Flames despite the efforts to hide their identity.
    4. How did Ned try to boost the song's popularity?
      • Ned reached out to TikTok content creators, paid them to make videos featuring the song, and even revealed their true identity as the creator behind Fox Season.
    5. What were the results of paying content creators?
      • The paid videos didn't generate a significant increase in the number of videos featuring the song. The song's popularity remained relatively stagnant.
    6. What were the main takeaways from this experiment?
      • Creating a TikTok song requires more than just incorporating TikTok elements. The overall quality and appeal of the song play a significant role in its success.
    7. Will Ned try to create another viral TikTok song?
      • Ned's future plans are uncertain, but they may consider another attempt with learned lessons and a refined approach to disguise and strategy.

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