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    I Made GTA 5 Way Too Realistic..

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    I Made GTA 5 Way Too Realistic..

    In a recent YouTube video, the creator showcased their efforts to make Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) incredibly realistic. They added various bars to the screen representing hunger, thirst, and bowel movements, making it necessary for the player to eat, drink, and use the restroom regularly. The protagonist even had the option to sleep whenever they wanted. In addition, the creator had to obey traffic rules or face consequences from the realistic police.

    To manage hunger and thirst, the player could buy various food and drink items from gas stations. The character also had the ability to steal cars, but this task required them to pick the lock, adding an extra level of challenge. The creator also included realistic crashes, with the player's car getting damaged and even destroyed during accidents.

    The video demonstrated the challenges the player faced, including the constant need to monitor their various status bars and the risks of breaking the law. The creator acknowledged the difficulty of the gameplay and even jokingly mentioned the prospect of attempting a 24-hour realistic GTA 5 challenge.


    GTA 5, realistic, hunger, thirst, bowel movements, traffic rules, police, food and drink, sleep, car theft, lock picking, crashes.


    Q: How did the creator make GTA 5 more realistic? A: The creator added hunger, thirst, and bowel movement bars to the screen, making it necessary for the player to eat, drink, and use the restroom in the game. They also had to obey traffic rules, face consequences from the realistic police, and pick locks to steal cars.

    Q: Can the player sleep in the game? A: Yes, the player had the ability to sleep whenever they wanted to simulate realistic rest patterns.

    Q: Were there consequences for breaking the law in the game? A: Yes, the realistic police would take action against the player if they disobeyed traffic rules or engaged in unlawful activities.

    Q: How did the creator handle food and drink needs in the game? A: The player could purchase various food and drink items from gas stations to satisfy their hunger and thirst in the game.

    Q: Was there realistic damage to the player's car during accidents? A: Yes, the creator incorporated realistic crashes, causing damage to the player's vehicle and even leading to its destruction.

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