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    I Made a Faceless YouTube Channel with AI & Made $12,000.00

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    I Made a Faceless YouTube Channel with AI & Made $ 12,000.00

    I haven't learned from these different YouTube automation channels that as you can see sometimes generates thousands of dollars a day but even though they're faceless I actually hire people to create videos for them, so I decided to start an entirely AI-based YouTube channel where I'm not gonna hire anyone but I'm just gonna use AI tools to generate content and surprisingly that channel actually took off and went from zero to making hundreds of dollars a day just from ad Revenue alone. So in this video, we'll show you the entire process of exactly what I did. A very huge update that YouTube had very recently because they're competing with TikTok and what TikTok is doing, if you don't know already, is when you start a brand new TikTok account and you post your first videos in order to hook you in, they will make some of your first videos go viral and get a bunch of views so do you get the dopamine hit and you keep on posting videos and that's what YouTube realizes a very good strategy so they are testing that as well.

    That's why we have these channels like, for example, this one Cash R they're posting their first videos and their first videos get hundreds of thousands of views, there's a bunch of them, a bunch of Channel examples like this. And as you can see his first video on the channel literally on a brand new Channel with zero subscribers got half a million views which is insane for this type of niche so you don't necessarily need a lot of subscribers to get a lot of views. Like this channel literally has a hundred times fewer subscribers than my channel but he got a lot more views than these videos are getting. So, I wanted to test out a brand new channel that is only going to be generated with AI and I wanted to copy this channel over here which now has 1.8 million subscribers but they're not very active. However, their videos get thousands of views, hundreds of thousands of views and these videos are mostly like story rules to conquer the day and it's all about the ancient Greece and the history lessons and stuff like that and different things that you can apply to your daily Modern Life that we can learn from people that lived 2000 years ago.

    Now in order to actually earn ad revenue from your YouTube videos your channel needs to be approved in the partner program and I personally don't like to wait to get 1,000 subscribers in 4,000 hours of watch time and then wait for months to get approved into the partner program so I wanted to make sure that my channel is monetized first before I actually start posting videos and I know that sounds ridiculous but if you want to learn exactly how that works you can go with monetization or you can click on some of the links that are in the description box down below to see how to get a monetized channel in literally less than 12 hours.

    Once my channel has been approved for YouTube Partner program and I was able to monetize my videos I went out there to generate a name a brand name for this YouTube channel and for this, you can also use chat jpd so you can just ask chatgpt for a different channel name ideas and you can select which one you like the most out of these. So let's say I'm gonna go with Greek wisdom today let's say that's gonna be the channel name. The next thing we need is a channel profile picture so what you can do is you can go to imagine and you have this imagining feature where you can just enter a prompt and out of it they're gonna generate a profile picture for you that you can use in your YouTube channel. The AI is going to generate a profile picture for you so I'm gonna use this image over here which is generated by AI but it does look like Alexander the Great but anyways I'm gonna use it for my profile picture.

    The next thing we're going to do is we're going to generate a channel art for our YouTube channel just like this person has over here so what you can do is you can go to which is Photoshop's alternative and if you know how to use Photoshop you can generate a completely professional-looking profile picture and channel art. Now the next thing we need is the about section so we need a section where we're going to talk about our YouTube channel which is also going to help us rank higher so if someone enters a keyword that has been written down in that about section if you have a chance to show up so you can get more views and subscribers so what we can do is you can go over to chatgpt and you can ask it to generate the about section for your YouTube channel so I'm gonna paste this prompt over here and now that we're going to generate a vowel section, and I'm also going to use that to help my rank higher with my YouTube channel and get more views and subscribers and I can copy this with one press of a button and I can just paste it into the about section of my channel.

    Now the next thing we need is we also need a YouTube script so what you can do is you can ask chat jpt to generate this script for you but make sure to enter as descriptive prompts as possible don't just write write me a script for a YouTube video but be as precise as possible don't just write write me a script for a YouTube video but be as precise as possible write down a very high quality prompt so that it generates a high-quality YouTube script for you and I'm going to ask you to generate storage rules that I can apply on a daily basis when I don't feel motivated to work and I'm distracted by social media write an engaging manner it will be used in a YouTube video script and as you can see it started writing a very very high-quality YouTube script. Now I'm not going to tell you to just copy and paste the exact YouTube script maybe make some changes to it maybe rewrite it a little bit but use it as a base model as well so you can use this as a base for your YouTube script.

    Once you have a YouTube script you will need a voiceover for these videos and one of the best tools that you can use for this is called play HD you can go to play HD and you can generate ultra realistic sounding voiceovers by entering your text in a box so you can just paste your script when you click on create audio create ultra realistic voices and then you can generate a YouTube voiceover with one press of a button that you are actually able to monetize with ads and you can actually make money off of it. Now the next thing we needed to do was to generate images that we're gonna use in the background of these videos because this entire video is faceless so they only have static image images in the background and for this you can just go over to Blue below AI which is an AI tool just like Midjourney but it's free and you can generate these images by entering a prompt so you can join their Discord servers you're going to accept the terms of service and privacy policy then pretty much just enter a prompt enter exactly what you need and this AI tool will generate that image for you and you just need as many of these different images generated for you that you can use in the background of your YouTube videos to make them engaging and also made them completely unique.

    Here I have a couple of these different examples I'm going to download the number four so I'm going to click on you four and it's going to upscale that image and I'm going to be able to download it and use it in my YouTube videos without getting any corporate issues because this is entirely generated by AI so now I need as many of these different images generated by this AI tool once you have them generated by Blue Willow you can go over to clipcham.n to actually generate the YouTube videos so you can create an absolutely free account and one of the best things about cliptrap is that you can generate Auto captions with one press of a button so you can pretty much have the same edit as this person over here so you can have it in the background image and also have text changing which is obviously going to make it super engaging and you can do all of that with one press of a button so now I can add this text for example I can drag it I can put it in the center and it's going to show up throughout the entire video so that AI is going to read the script for you and it's going to generate that text and pretty much edit the video for you as well all you're going to do is upload as many different images generated by Blue Willow AI to make the video as engaging as possible and then once you're done you can just export this in the highest quality and you can download it to your computer and you are ready to upload it.

    You also need a YouTube thumbnail for your YouTube videos and what you can do is you can just go over to which is completely free and you're going to have a bunch of different templates and you can create very high-quality YouTube thumbnails work completely free and download them and upload them to your YouTube channel and finally you can potentially also use SMM panels like to potentially even grow your channel even further and boost the engagement of it but this is a completely optional step let me know in the comments down below if I should reveal the channel name and if I should actually share the entire process that I took to create this channel grow it and monetize it as well let me know in the comments down below if I should make a longer video about this and actually reveal the channel name hey I hope you found this tutorial helpful if you want to learn more about how to build an online business and make money online make sure to go to online business Academy Dot jump where you can find lessons from experts in different niches you can learn anything from social media marketing all the way to drop servicing Drop Shipping YouTube automation you name it and we also have live masterminds and Global events so you can meet with me and other entrepreneurs from around the world make sure to go to online business Academy or click some of the links in the description box down below foreign.

    keyword: YouTube automation, AI tools, monetization, channel branding, content generation, voiceovers.


    1. How did the AI-generated YouTube channel make money?
    2. What tools were used to create the AI-generated YouTube channel?
    3. What strategies were implemented to grow the YouTube channel quickly?
    4. How important is monetization before starting to post videos on YouTube channels?
    5. Can AI tools be used for all aspects of YouTube content creation, including video editing and scripting?

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