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    I Made a Game Using ChatGPT

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    I Made a Game Using ChatGPT

    If you've been on the internet in the last couple of months, you've probably heard about GPT-3, an AI that can answer almost any question. But did you know that it can also write code and help create video games? In this article, I'm going to share my experience of making a game with the help of GPT-3, also known as ChatGPT.


    Before diving into the game creation process, I decided to introduce myself to the AI. I asked it to provide a human name that I could refer to it with. I settled on the name "Al" for the AI assistant.

    Once the introductions were made, I asked Al for a game idea. After several suggestions, Al finally came up with an intriguing concept called "Time Traveler's Dilemma." In this game, the player takes on the role of a time traveler, navigating various timelines and historical eras to prevent a catastrophic event. Each decision the player makes alters the timeline and can have unintended consequences.

    But creating a game with such complexity would take years, and I had only a few weeks. So, I asked Al for another idea, and this time it suggested a game where the player is a janitor working in a top-secret government facility. As the player progresses through levels, they uncover clues and information about strange experiments happening in the facility. I decided to name the game "Mop and Shadows."

    Development Process

    With the game idea and name in place, I jumped into creating the game using Unity. As Al was an AI with extensive programming knowledge, I asked it to write the code for the player controller. After a disappointing start, Al got another chance, and this time the code worked flawlessly.

    Next, I needed a weapon for the game, and since the name was "Mop and Shadows," I had to create a mop as the player's main weapon. Although Al provided a questionable-looking mop, I decided to model it myself in Blender and added some animation for a more realistic feel.

    To make the game exciting, I needed enemies. Al suggested creating a highly trained security guard as the enemy. After some adjustments and the addition of animations, the facility guard was ready to pursue and attack the player.

    Al also came up with the idea of an experiment where prisoners were turned into guns using a machine. I created a machine model and made it suck up the facility guard, planning to replace it with a prisoner later. Although there were a few issues, some particle effects helped cover them up.

    Continuing with the development, I created a functional gun for the player and added shooting mechanics. The guard's bullet could even predict the location of the gun before it reached there, thanks to Al's coding skills. I refined the bullet's visual effects, making it more realistic.

    The First Level

    According to the game description, the player starts as a janitor cleaning various rooms in the facility. I designed three rooms that needed cleaning and scattered dirt effects throughout them. Additionally, I was inspired by Al's suggestion of a mysterious experiment in Room 4, and I created a window for the player to witness the unsettling scene.

    From there, the player enters the experiment room through a vent and fights the facility guards. After defeating them, the player can progress through a hallway and reach the exit. The game currently fades to black upon exiting, creating an ambiguous ending.

    Satisfying Collaboration with Al

    Throughout the game development process, Al proved to be a helpful partner. With its coding expertise and creative ideas, I managed to create a game that was engaging and intriguing. Of course, there were some amusing quirks and unexpected challenges, but that only added to the excitement of the project.

    Overall, the experience of making a game using ChatGPT was fascinating, and a testament to the powerful capabilities of AI technology.


    Game development, AI, GPT-3, Unity, Player controller, Mop and Shadows, Facility guard, Cleaning mechanics, Experiment room, Vent system, Weapon mechanics, Dynamic coding, Particle effects, Suspenseful storyline.


    Q: What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is an AI model developed by OpenAI that uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses. It can answer questions, write code, and assist with various tasks.

    Q: How did ChatGPT help in making the game? ChatGPT, personified as "Al," provided creative game ideas, wrote code for the player controller, suggested enemy designs, developed AI behavior for enemies, and even proposed concepts for game mechanics.

    Q: Were there any challenges in working with ChatGPT? There were a few issues and quirks, especially with code generation and animations. However, with some adjustments and creativity, these challenges were overcome, resulting in an entertaining and playable game.

    Q: Is ChatGPT suitable for complex game development? While ChatGPT can provide assistance and generate ideas, intricate game development tasks may require additional expertise and fine-tuning. Collaborating with ChatGPT can significantly aid the creative process, but it's essential to refine and optimize the generated content.

    Q: Can ChatGPT replace human game developers? ChatGPT serves as a valuable tool for generating ideas, prototypes, and code snippets. However, the human touch and expertise are still indispensable in game development. AI can augment and enhance the creative process, but human developers bring unique skills and insights that are vital for crafting exceptional games.

    In conclusion, my experience of making a game using ChatGPT was exciting and rewarding. With the help of AI, I was able to create an intriguing storyline, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a unique atmosphere for the game "Mop and Shadows." Working alongside the AI assistant Al proved to be an interesting collaboration, exemplifying the potential of AI in game development.

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