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    I Made a YouTube Channel Using Only AI and Made $____

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    I Made a YouTube Channel Using Only AI and Made $ 0

    In a bold experiment, a man named Brian, an aviation expert and software engineer, created an AI YouTuber that could automatically generate YouTube videos. The AI was designed to create scripts, do voiceovers, and edit videos on its own. The goal was to see how much money AI could make in just seven days. The AI generated 70 videos in a week, each costing around 30 cents to make. Brian's plan was to break even by getting 6,000 views per video.

    The AI-generated videos were uploaded to the channel, but the results were not as expected. Despite efforts to improve the content by adding slang words, subtitles, and music to make it more appealing to viewers, the videos did not gain traction. Various strategies were employed, including donating to a popular streamer to promote the channel, but the results remained discouraging.

    In the end, the experiment yielded four subscribers, 3,300 views, and zero earnings, with a total expenditure of $ 20. While AI showed potential in automating the video creation process, it fell short of generating income on YouTube.


    AI YouTuber, video automation, YouTube channel, revenue generation, experiment, content creation


    1. Can AI be used to automate YouTube video creation effectively?
    2. How much did the AI-generated videos cost to produce?
    3. What strategies were implemented to improve the performance of the AI-generated YouTube channel?
    4. Did the experiment result in any significant revenue or success on the platform?
    5. What were the key takeaways from the experiment in using AI for content creation on YouTube?

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