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    I Made a YouTube Shorts Automation Channel USING ONLY AI in 24 Hours

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    I Made a YouTube Shorts Automation Channel USING ONLY AI in 24 Hours

    These shorts generated over 500 million views, so today I'm gonna start a similar Channel only using AI from editing doing titles and the channel branding. I was on my phone scrolling through shorts and kept seeing Clips going viral through podcasts which gave me an idea. Firstly, we need to brand the channel; for example, this channel here, as you can see the Joe Rogan Clips he posts a lot of them which are a lot of views. Other channels like Jer daily Clips are also posting shorts which are generating 8 million views and showing clips from exactly what I would do. This GRE shorts Channel is generating a lot of views as well, with over 66 million views. If you go through your Niche, for example, doing Cristiano Ronaldo shorts, you can take examples from other people. This account here, Ronaldo's, is getting 8.3 million views, and you can literally copy these kind of videos and get many views for yourself. It's very easy and kind of crazy how you can do this in like one second. I went on Chat GPT and asked it to give me 10 YouTube channel names for shorts about Joe Rogan's podcast; it provided me with 10 names, and once I had the name, I created the profile picture and banner. Then, I used AI to collect and edit the content, with the AI providing viral clips from podcasts around Joe Rogan, and optimized titles, hashtags, and descriptions for SEO.

    Now, the Channel has been set up, and by using AI for editing and content creation, the Channel has already gained views and subscribers. The automation process streamlined the content creation and optimization, leading to early success for the newly established Channel in a short time frame.


    YouTube Shorts, AI Automation, Channel Branding, Content Optimization, Viral Clips, SEO Optimization, Automation Tools


    1. How did AI help in creating and optimizing content for the YouTube Shorts Channel? Using AI tools for editing, generating titles, hashtags, and descriptions, and selecting viral clips helped in creating high-quality content for the Channel efficiently.

    2. What were the key steps involved in setting up and running the YouTube Shorts Automation Channel? The process involved branding the Channel, creating a profile picture and banner, using AI tools for content collection and editing, optimizing titles and descriptions for SEO, and ensuring consistent content creation for engagement.

    3. How did AI contribute to the early success of the Channel in gaining views and subscribers? By automating the content creation process and optimizing it for searchability, AI tools helped in generating engaging content quickly, leading to increased views, watch time, and subscriber growth for the Channel.

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